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Sunday, 19 April 2009

A Modest Proposal To Do Less Evil

Don't Be Evil took a bit of a bashing as a company motto with all that China business, so Google did an evil scale apparently. Remarkably, it showed that doing what they wanted to do in the first place was less evil than standing up to the geriatric bureaucracy in Beijing. Now how counter-intuitive is that?

I only drag up this stale news because Richard Murphy has provided the Sunday Times with some interesting analysis which suggests it is, apparently, much less evil to pay tax in Ireland than in the UK. In fact it's £110 million a year less evil.

Here's an idea: let's abolish all tax jurisdictions for Google - and for Yahoo and all its other competitors. Let's say, instead, it will be taxed by the United Nations, and that national contributions to the costs of the UN and, especially, its humanitarian agencies will be abated in proportion to national usage of Google.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Memo to Barclays Bank

Hope you don't mind me sending this over by carrier pigeon. I suspect you've still got that corporate pigeon loft, haven't you? & do forgive me if any of my writing is smudged - I've tried to use a quill pen out of respect for your general approach to life but one simply can't get the blotting paper these days...

Anyway, let me stop rambling and get right to the point old chaps. I see you've taken an injunction out against the Guardian to get them to take down those internal memos of yours about tax avoidance from their websitethingymajig. (Jolly bad show one of you own folks giving them to Vince Cable, what?).

Well, I'm really sorry to be the one to have to mention this but I'm afraid - and I know this might shock you- the Guardian aren't the only people to have a website. Amazing, I know. There's this really bolshy one called Wikileaks. I'm afraid your documents are there. & I'm afraid in Sweden, US, Latvia, Slovakia, UK, Finland, Netherlands, Poland & Tonga as well.

& that blighter Richard Murphy has downloaded them. He says the fact they're on Wikileaks puts them into the public domain. I imagine you might want to check that point with your lawyer chappies - and perhaps you might want to quibble a bit about their legal bill for getting the injunction in the first place? Just a thought.

Update: Sunny over at Liberal Conspiracy is collecting blogs which link to the wikileaks site, in the hope this might void the legal basis of Barclay's argument about confidentiality. So if you have a blog, do post and do let him know. Remember, linking to a site is not the same as downloading. And newsjiffy says if you link from as blog hosted in Australia you might be liable for a whacking fine.