Thursday, 13 August 2009

Progressive Conservatism: Meet the New Boss Just Like the Old Boss

Back from my hols and I find Will on cracking form, not only on progressive conservatism but on its conjoined twin, Blairism:

I can well envisage a version of progressive conservatism that is too 'progressive' to ever conserve anything and too 'conservative' to ever achieve anything that might look like progress. That would be one harsh description of Blairism. If there is an alternative to this, it will be founded on that amorphous sense, felt by many, that calculation, competition, surveillance and comparison are scarcely achieving their stated goals, let alone supporting happiness and social stability.


  1. welcome back Charlie - you've been missed!

    (can't post via blogger for some reason)

  2. Welcome back, Charlie.
    Delighted with this, I spotted that paragraph last night and liked it - great to see it pulled out and highlighted here. It's so right, except that I would substitute "harsh" for "perfect".

  3. It's the so-called 'politics of good intentions' that makes me mildly sympathetic to Blairism...

  4. "Good intentions", Will? As in the " The Road to Hell is Paved With..."?