Monday, 10 May 2010

Instant Reaction to Scottish Political Sucide Bomb

Can I just say I have absolutely no idea whether Brown's resignation will actually pave the way for a realistic 'rainbow coalition'.

But it has already cheered me up immensely for three reasons:

1. The Times Live Blog reports it's not going down well in Murdoch land:

"5.50pm Fight! Fight!

The Cabinet is meeting now but meanwhile Sky's Adam Boulton is on the verge of a fist-fight with Alastair Campbell.

"You, totally unelected, have plotted this!" shrieks Mr Boulton. Another presenter has to intervene."

2.Heseltine hates it:

"This is mind blowing. I don't know how anyone would have such a barefaced nerve as to put such a proposition in the circumstances ...

"The only viable solution is for David Cameron to become the prime minister."

3. Even if it doesn't work, the Lib Dems have to appear to take the offer seriously - and if they visibly do this then even if their negotiations with Labour fail, the Tories will never really trust them again.

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