Tuesday, 16 November 2010

OK, Let's Get the Old Street Party Committee Together Again..

Addendum: At last - some good news


  1. I hope they don't expect us to cough for putting on all of this for them. Don't they know there's a recession and we're all in this together. Could they just nip down to the local registrar's do you think?

  2. Sadly Boffy,
    I think Jamie over at Blood and Treasure is closer to the mark,

    "It’ll be interesting to see if the government really do splash out, rub everybody’s faces in the event and get their tabloid mates to monster anyone who dares to complain. My bet is that they will. This lot have got nerve if they’ve got anything."

    But, on the upside, this interwebby thing didn't exist in 1981: I think it's going to give rise to a huge amount of funny subversive comment re the Wedding that will travel at the speed of light and be on everyone's lips within minutes.