Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Limitations of Gesture Politics

Say what you like about New Labour, it is intensely relaxed about people's sexual orientation.

Take that row a little while ago about Catholic Adoption Agencies having to toe the line and accept applications from gay folk who might want to adopt. They really stood up to the forces of darkness and reaction on that one, didn't they?

Except, of course, there was no recorded incident of any gay couple ever approaching a Catholic Adoption Agency anyway. It was all the politics of headline and gesture.

But there are almost 7,000 Christian schools in England. So protecting vulnerable gay kids - or children of gay and lesbian people - in these institutions might really matter. But these schools are free to preach against homosexuality, and sex outside marriage for that matter, under government proposals to introduce compulsory sex education.

Say what you like about New Labour, it is intensely relaxed about people's sexual orientation -except of course where it might cost them votes.


  1. A BBC survey 2 years ago carried out by the Heaven and Earth Show found that a significant number of Christians felt discriminated against at work and in the media. It's hard to give a shit, isn't it?

    Charlie, do you think that the selective application of human rights legislation will open up all sorts of possibilities for hate-mongers to exploit?

  2. Human Rights legislation is widely misunderstood as a 'freeloaders charter'. I think we have the popular press to thank for that, in part at least, but I also think many Human Rights practitioners have mainly talked to themselves over the years. Which is a big shame as there is a growing body of evidence to suggest it is a quite effective approach to anti-poverty work for instance.

    But things may change. Whilst I suspect any incoming Tory Govt would leave the legislation alone, in the first instance at least, I would be counting on any job security if I worked for the Equalities and Human Rights Commission which I suspect they will first render toothless and then abolish.

    As for Christians being oppressed.... well, it's hard to claim that that's true in the education sector where they control 1/3rd of the schools in England.

  3. F*#k. there's a 'not' missing from the 2nd paragraph of my post above. It should be " I would not be counting..."

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