Friday, 10 April 2009

Middle England Susses Out Key G20 Issue

I'm on a break in the Peak District. The local paper has this picture on its front page:

"PRESIDENT Barack Obama turned to Buxton Water for a bit of liquidity of his own after signing a deal aimed at saving the world's financial system.
The American leader was photographed slaking his thirst with the town's spa water at the G20 conference in London.

Paolo Sangiorgi, MD of Nestlé Waters said: "We're delighted that President Obama is keeping healthily hydrated with bottled water, especially a local natural water brand such as Buxton."

Buxton is Britain's best selling home grown mineral water and it also uses the lightest bottles of all brands, giving it one of the lowest carbon footprints of any such product.

"I always knew that the President was a man of good judgment and taste," said High Peak MP Tom Levitt."

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