Thursday, 21 May 2009

From The Banks of The River Irwell...

"The qualities of Salford men and women shine through the adversity of their everyday lives. They were, and still are, people with courage, determination, wit and compassion, and they have an unrivalled ability to see through falseness and to expose insincerity."

From Squirrel Nutkin's maiden speech in the Commons (via).

Aye lass, 'appen they are. But t'question is, can they read chapter 5 of the Labour Party Rule book, t'one that's all about reselection?

Addendum: "In 2006, her constituency was one of three hacked down to two by local boundary changes - which led to a new seat of Salford and Eccles, and the current MP for the latter, Ian Stewart, challenging her for the nomination and losing by 174 votes to 79".

So I make that only about 48 people who need to change their minds.


  1. And Ian Stewart was a supportive MP on the select committee that looked at changes to university funding that has badly affected adult education.

  2. Ian Stewart has no expenses scandals, fought to improve salaries for care workers and more recently would have given his own life to dive into the Thames and save a man who was drowning after falling off westminster bridge. Security guards had to hold him back as others stood by. He had taken his coat and shoes off. His ernest sincerity bears no comparison to the bride of chucky.