Friday, 15 May 2009

Q. Is it actually possible for a government to die of shame?

A. Only if party discipline breaks down, I suppose.

Q.At what point might party discipline break down?

A.When it becomes electorally imperative for those with clean hands (still a fair majority of the PLP*) to dissociate themselves from the knaves (all the property flippers, including Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper) and the rogues (Moran, Blears, Malik) and the just plain purblind (Michael Martin) in order to maximise their individual chances of survival at a general election.

Q.When exactly might it become ‘electorally imperative’ for those with clean hands to act to save themselves?

A. After a catastrophic defeat in the European elections, perhaps?

Just an idle musing, forgive me....

*This opinion ( "a fair majority") may be subject to revision.

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