Friday, 17 October 2008

O’Bama* victory assured

Slugger says it's all over: Ireland's leading bookmaker, Paddy Power , is already paying out on bets for a Barak Obama win in the US presidential elections.

Bugger- there goes my bet on the whole thing being postponed due to rain....

(*dodgy joke nicked from Splintered Sunrise)


  1. As a famous cartoon character once said, ''Now hold on there Bobalooey!'' I think that in some more recent elections wasn't the actual winner not in the lead even up until the day of the election. I don't think I'd be bettin' the house on Ole O'bammy just yet. We aren't even sure if he is a citizen of the United States or not. His wife, the lovely and demure Michelle, has a little bit of explaining yet to do also. So I wouldn't be countin' my chickens before they're hatched just yet. Go McCain/Palin in '08. The only logical choice.

  2. Actually Killroy6, I think you'll find in at least one recent election- 200 - the 'actual winner' wasn't even in the lead on election day.
    But, hey - that's Florida for you....