Friday, 24 October 2008

Whatever Happened to the Working Class?

Capitalism is a very long standing and successful mode of production based on private ownership and control. Due to a recent financial problem its current owners wish to retire and appoint a:


(This is a full time position, but consideration will be given to matched job share applicants)

*Must be of a different class - both in themselves and for themselves.

*Needs to be strong 'self-starter' and show willingness to give hegemonic lead.

*No previous (revolutionary) experience required but must demonstrate keen willingness to learn (if necessary, by emptying dustbins bins of history and examining contents).

*Must be a 'team player'.

*International travel may be required.

* Needs to excel in outward facing customer contact role.

Apply via our website - or just turn up at the door carrying pitchforks and burning torches...

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