Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blogging Problems

I've discovered why all the smart folk* use Wordpress, not Blogger. I tried to change my template last night and foolishly tried to import a bespoke one rather than using one of the very limited number of 'off the peg' templates available in Blogger. It's taken me ages to get back to normal as the supposedly clean and aesthetically pleasing design of the bespoke template mucked up almost every element of my chosen design - including turning the comments link into a very strange 'Up?' .

I'd be off to Wordpress like a shot if I could just work out a way of exporting my blogroll. This needs to be in OPML to be importable into Wordpress but I can't find a way of getting my links in Blogger into that format. Any one know how?

( *Obviously I mean all the smart, cheapskate folks. Typepad looks nice, but you have to pay for it.....)

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