Wednesday, 4 February 2009

‘Why-Oh-Why’ Journalism

Christ, this sort of thing really, really gets my goat. Everyone's at it, it seems. Blaming schools for closing when they can't guarantee that either the children or the teachers can actually get there. Weaving random events like the unexpected weather into a pre-prepared story about 'heath-and-safety-nazis-nanny-state-gone-mad-what-has-happened-to-us-as-a-nation?'' Write the story you were always going to write, drop a few snow references in and then put your feet up.

It's stupid, it's lazy and it's a crock of 'why-oh-why' shite.

This post has not been influenced in any way by the fact I fell on my backside twice taking my 9 year old to school this morning, and have just spent 40 minutes with a small army of other South London Dads scrapping ice from the playground...-

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