Monday, 29 June 2009

Cause of Death


  1. Any more of this outrageous levity, Charlie, and I'm going to bring this blog to the attention of the mourning Jacko obsessives camped out across the internet.........

  2. Nah, Strategist, I'm ahead of the curve - look, Mandelson has decided not to grieve. So a focus group must have told him it's really not playing very well in the sticks.

    See his interview in the FT today. it opens thus:

    " / UK / Politics & policy - Transcript: FT interview with Peter Mandelson:

    Financial Times: Do you want to start by paying tribute to Michael Jackson, Peter? Everyone else seems to be doing that. Peter Mandelson: I’m not absolutely sure who Michael Jackson is. Is he the ... he’s called Jacko, isn’t he? FT: I believe so, in the idiom, yeah. PM: No, I don’t want to say anything about him, although I once nearly met him in Berlin. / UK / Politics & policy - Transcript: FT interview with Peter Mandelson

  3. Ha-ha! I particularly like the abbreviation you've used - PM.

    Against all instincts, it's occasionally impossible not to enjoy the fact that the Minister for Outer Space is so relishing his 12 month swansong.