Sunday, 28 June 2009

On That Matter of The Coming Cuts

No one should be allowed an opinion on ' state functions we can do without' (TM), or, indeed, what we should protect, until they have read and thoroughly digested James Heartfield on the background:
Is the State being privatised in Britain, or is it taking over the private sector? The answer is that both are true, and neither. What we have is not a new private sector boom, but a growing state-dependent economy of concessions. Companies like Qinetiq and Capita only exist because of the way the state contracts out its services. Government's loss of faith in its own ability to organise production leads to an astonishing abandonment of its authority to chaotic and destructive shell companies...

All the time the established boundary between ‘state' and ‘civil society', between ‘public goods and private benefits', is being redrawn, or broken down altogether. What emerges is neither an enhanced private sector, nor coherent state provision, but rather a hybrid, dependent on public finances to survive, and increasingly operating according to a mixture of political, administrative and business models that makes little sense.


  1. As Heartfield clearly indicates, they make perfect sense when the objective of the exercise is to milk the system with low risk rent-seking activity...

    I enjoyed thus article enormously, but, as ever, would like to see the positive prescriptions after the expert critique and demolition job has been delivered...

  2. What really? But its James Heartfield, a key member of the Living Marxism/Spiked/Institute of Ideas clique. I know stopped clocks and all, but are you sure that I have to read it...?