Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Not Me Gov

In view of this little spate, I'd like to make clear that I have never, ever considered allocating genders to the figures in, and off stage from, the cartoon to the right of this posting. No Sireee Bob. Not even in the privacy of my own imagination.


  1. What a strange complaint. The mouseover text clearly says "What do you want me to do?" - so xkcd author Randall sees it as being in the first person. Arguably assuming it to be a female calling is heteronormative, but then other strips suggest the character has relationships only with women, so. Umm. I say it's a dude. It's also, y'know, a cartoon.

  2. What, people on an academic heavy website getting stuff out of proportion?

    No, I refuse to even countenance the possibility.