Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Excúseme mientras que camino afuera ?

I've just been looking at my web stats and who's been visiting. (Don't mock, I know all the rest of you bloggers do the same as I see page hits coming in from wordpress admin and blogger sites whenever I've been to, or, especially, linked to other bloggers. And this is true of the professional journo/academic bloggers as well as we sorry amateurs...so you can stop sniggering now as I've clearly got your number, matey)

I get a fair slice of what I presume to be 'accidental' hits - I really don't think many folk in, say, the Philippines are that interested in my strained analogy about football and banks for instance, but they might be looking for a 'comedy' book with the same title as the post.

But when someone translates a posting they're presumably not doing it accidentally - especially since it was my longest posting ever, and actually concerns something I know about (rather than just having opinions on) and so is (sob) naturally boring* to most people on the blogosphere...So who could possible be interested in reading this in Spanish?

*Addendum: my learned friends have advised me to clarify that nothing in this sentence should be taken to imply that I imagine any one on the blogosphere is interested in my opinions either.

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