Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dubuyah's last hurrah?

In the West Wing, Barlet pardoned Toby Zeigler as more or less his last act as president. Lenin has picked up on a video which has a hint as to who Bush might pardon - the tech wizard who stole him an election.It's got to be one of those exercises in paranoid conspiracy which periodically overtake the Left...Hasn't it? Lenin's not committing himself to believing it and neither am I.

Well, not unless Obama has a completely non-Santos moment tomorrow I'm not, anyway.

Update. Even Karl Rove (official Spawn of The Devil by Appointment to Dubuyah)says it's an Obama landslide. Which, come to think of it, Matt Santos never got.

& the Huffington Post (via here) helpful reminds us that only 2 years ago a Obama-McCain contest was going to break 28-510 for the Republicans in terms of electoral college votes according to pollsters. Go look at the scary map...

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