Friday, 28 November 2008

What Ex-Eurocommunists do rather than surf the net for pornography

We read book reviews like this. I think the clue to why this feels dirty might just be in the title:
“Socialism and Left Unity – a Critique of the Socialist Workers Party” . From the Socialist Party, nee Militant, those well known practitioners of Left Unity. Good old fashioned, knockabout 'As-Soon-As-This-Pub-Closes' stuff no doubt.

Mind you, this is just the soft stuff. If we're really feeling perverted we redundant Euros washed up on the tides of history even spy through the keyhole at conversations like this balanced, reasonable and entirely dispassionate discussion of internal shifts of personnel in the SWP Central Committee (234 entries on the discussion thread as I write these words, but rising fast - I wouldn't be surprised to see that thread top 500 contributions).

And- yeah, I know I'm sneering as well. Which isn't nice. What's worse I'll no doubt laugh like a drain when Splintered turns his attention to the matter. But I'll be laughing in despair really. It was ever thus in my youth, as I've mentioned here and here. Why hasn't it got any better?

Update: awh, fooey. Splintered's gone all serious on the SWP thing. I retain hopes of him turning a beady-eye on the Taffe book though.

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