Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Another Roll of the Dice

It's not a photoshopped illustration: it is - or possibly was, as I doubt it is still in production - a real game, invented by a leftie academic in New York. Once upon a time I owned a copy. As a game it was basically dreadful once you got passed the initial fun of learning the rules and hoping to land on a confrontation square. But I've always had a soft spot for it because of its involvement in a true story I've been telling for 30 years now.

My girlfriend in the mid 1970s came from Oxford - her Dad was a shop steward in the car plant at Cowley. For some reason or other I left my copy of Class Struggle at her parents house. But they were moving. Their buyers had some hitch in their chain, so my girlfriend's parents ended up taking out a bridging loan, moving to their new home and still owning their old house round the corner . Furniture was thus moved in bits and pieces over several weeks rather than all in one go.

Then, to add to their property woes, the old house got squatted. My girlfriend's father, the shop steward, discovered this one Sunday morning when he went round to get some furniture to find a group of leery squatters sitting in what had been his living room playing Class Struggle. An entertaining conversation ensued.......

Why do I mention this? Well I've just discovered (via) there is an equivalent for our own benighted decade: War on Terror,the board game. I can only hope Al-Quaida don't do squatting...

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