Friday, 23 January 2009

Are We Of One Accord?

I've always felt a bit ambivalent about militant atheists like Dawkins and Hitchens. Basically I agree with them but they seem to be fighting an American fight against creationism which barely exists in this country, not concentrating on the tough issues that have to be faced to properly secularise Britain.

This, on the other hand, is something I wholeheartedly support - a campaign for equality and human rights and against the special exemptions enjoyed by religious schools. A campaign which focuses on fair admissions and fair employment practices. &, best of all, a campaign supported by religious people as well as non-believers. (There is no necessary conflict between belief and wanting to live in a secular society.)

Ashok Kumar MP has tabled an Early Day motion supporting the Accord Coalition. It reads:

"EDM 530: Accord Coalition

That this House supports Accord, the national coalition that unites religious and non-religious individuals and organisations campaigning for inclusive schools; believes that all state schools should be open to children and teachers of all backgrounds and beliefs; is concerned that current legislation permits schools with a religious character to discriminate against staff and students on the basis of their religion or belief and to teach a partial religious education curriculum; calls for religious education to be objective, balanced and fair; welcomes the positive approach taken by Accord and the breadth of its membership; and urges the Government to remove exemptions from equalities legislation for state-funded religious schools."

They need as many people as possible to contact their MPs asking them to sign the motion. This is a very effective way of letting your MP know how you feel about the way faith schools operate.

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