Saturday, 24 January 2009

Frozen Orange Blowback ?

No, not that kind of Orange......

The Icelandic Weather Report carries a really helpful eye witness account of events in Iceland over the last week. In summary: mass popular protest has caused a deeply unpopular government to concede fresh elections in the aftermath of economic Armageddon.

This turmoil - and similar events elsewhere on Europe's periphery - has begun to worry the continent's political and financial elite. (Via the leftist sage of Suffolk).

But what caught my eye in the latest Weather Report was her reference to a degree of popular revulsion at rioting as a tactic - and an explicit iconographic reference to events in the Ukraine.

"Hundreds of Icelanders join the “orange movement” to show they support peaceful protests and reject violence. Protests continue outside the parliament buildings despite cold temps and gale-force winds. People bring roses and tulips to give to the police; someone brings hot chocolate and distributes equally to protesters and police officers..."

How amusing if the turbo-driven world of globalised finance capital were to be challenged in the ideological clothes of a movement which presented itself as sweeping away the corrupt and undemocratic remains of the old Soviet era. Especially since 'even the dogs in the street' (as a real god-fearing Ulster Orange man might say) know that Ukraine's original Orange Revolution was part funded and organised by a range of Western government and non-government agencies including George Soros' Open Society Institute. & who personifies globalised finance better that Soros, the 'man who broke the Bank of England' back in 1992?

Blowback time?

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