Monday, 12 January 2009

Iceland's Economy: Still Fokked

Lest we forget: Iceland's still in deep doo-doo. The always readable Weather Report tells us,

"The news is pretty depressing - hospitals are closing, potentially 3,500 companies going bankrupt by the end of this year, hundreds of people lined up at the unemployment offices at the beginning of the month, etc"

So the mood is grim - hence the range of T-shirts etc she's selling, featuring the slogan of 2008 in Iceland. No prizes for guessing it basically means 'Goddam Fucking Fuck'. It was a slogan on a notorious sign used in demonstrations in Iceland after the economic implosion . The cultural supplement of the main paper is quoted as saying of the products,

Behind them is a complex mood. No political demand is at the forefront, no technical implementation of the catastrophe, just a rank indignation: How could I stand by and just let the insanity happen?

So why not buy one? & hope we won't need an version in English....

P.S. The Weather Report is also carrying news of regular demonstrations - and even some thing that sounds to me to be close to a sullen, unfocused mini-riot...

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